Maules Creek CWA move for CSG Ban in NSW

Maules Creek branch of CWA successfully move policy at State Conference to BAN unconventional gas. The motion was passed on the 25th of May, day 1 of the 3 day conference.

The motion said:

“That the policy of the CWA of NSW shall be to support a ban on unconventional gas exploration, extraction and production.”

The vote was carried by a clear majority of 281 to 193.

It is the second year in a row that a vote on unconventional gas was passed with a clear majority, with the 2016 conference calling for a moratorium on unconventional gas until it could be proven to be safe.

Congratulations to the Maules Creek branch and their delegates, who have led the way again on CSG.

We now await further statements from John Barilaro, leader of the national party who said only days earlier that the industry should be expanded in NSW.