Gunnedah Basin Health Impact Assessment

Phil Laird HIA ProposalThe Gunnedah Basin Health Impact Steering Committee, constituted of community groups and organisations in the Gunnedah Basin, has been charged with commissioning a study of the health and welfare risks of mining and gas extraction in that basin.

The purpose of this proposed study is to analyse the health and welfare risks associated with various mining and gas extraction scenarios for the Gunnedah Basin, and to consider potential strategies for the avoidance, minimisation and management of these risks.   The study should:

  1.  Assess risks to physical, mental, social/community and environmental wellbeing, potentially reflecting scenarios aligned to Namoi Catchment Water Study, broadened to include development scenarios across the Gunnedah Basin.
  2.  Establish baseline levels of water quality, air quality and noise in the region, subject to defined benchmarks. (See Appendix 3 for indicative benchmarks).
  3.  Identify cause and effect (or causal pathways) of a range of identified health and welfare issues.
  4.  Consider short, medium and long term including impact on future generations.  As a guide, short term would include planning and ramp up (1-2 years) ; medium term would include construction, production and extraction (2-5 years) and long term would include (5 years until after mine/gas well closure); and,
  5.  Identify and consider cumulative impacts

Draft Proposal Gunnedah Basin HIA December 2012

Powerpoint Presentation of Gunnedah Basin HIA April 2013