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Law change rocks Maules Creek coalmine appeal | The Northern  NDL 13.12.2013

An open letter to NSW farmer Phil Laird: Greenpeace stands with you The Guardian 13.12.2013

Call to arms: Maules Creek mine activists ask for help on the ground  Australian Mining 5.12.2013

Wilderness Society targets fossil fuels The Australian 30.11.2013

Coalmine boss ‘appointed to land, environment agency’ Cowra Community News 29.11.2013

First fine for non-disclosure of reportable political donations Lexology 23.11.2013

Whitehaven says Maules Creek mine protests funded by foreigners  Australian Mining 21.11.2013

Tinkler fortunes won, and now all but lost The SMH 16.11.2013

New info casts doubt on Maules Creek approval The Namoi Valley Independent 14.11.2013

Whitehaven offsets plan misleading The Australian 13.11.2013

Company wrong on donation reporting Newcastle Herald 5.11.2013

New legal action against Whitehaven’s Maules Creek project The Australian 25.9.2013


No Welcome to Country for CSG Miners, Northern Daily Leader, May 25 2013

Mining for Controversy, Brisbane Times, Jan 30 2013

Federal Appeal, ABC News Jan 24, 2013

Whitehaven hoax boosted campaign, says activist, The Australian Jan 25 2013

Whitehaven suspected to have misled on offsets SMH Jan 25 2013

Potential jailing not as scary as threat of Maules Creek mine   SMH Jan 24 2013

Hoax press release sparks Whitehaven plunge, SMH Jan 7 2013

Maules Creek Mine threatens endangered koalas, ABC News Nov 11 2012

Koalas in the Leard State Forest, ABC news, Nov 9 2012

Calls for more research into rail/mining impacts on air quality, NBN News, Oct 2 2012

Whitehaven says coal project on track, Sydney Morning Herald, Sept 28 2012

POLL: Managing holes left by mines, Newcastle Herald, Sept 6 2012

First time on the Line: 84 year old birdwatcher joins coal protest, Northern Daily Leader Sept 4 2012

Two arrested in mine protest (video), Prime News September 4 2012

Splendor and Scars on the Liverpool Plains, Photo Essay, Mike Bowers,Global Mail August 24 2012

Things to do in a State Forest: Hiking, Camping, Coal Mining … , Global Mail, Sharona Coutts August 23 2012

Plans underway for basin wide health impact assessment, ABC Radio August 6 2012

Community Health on the table at Forum, Northern Daily Leader August 3 2012

Assessing the health impact of coal mining and coal seam gas August3 2012

Coaled hard facts please, Northern Daily Leader, July 25 2012

Farmers told to sell up or put up, Namoi Valley Independent July 24 2012

A basin wide health study, ABC Radio, July 18 2012

Get someone with proven track record, Northern Daily Leader, July 10th 2012

Maules Creek questions remain, ABC New England North West, July 10th 2012

Boggabri Blockade, ABC New England North West, May 18th 2012

Maules, Blockade, Namoi Valley Independent, May 18th 2012

820 Protestor Block Trucks, Narrabri Courier, May 18th 2012

Coal Battle Heats up at Boggabri Mine, Northern Daily Leader, May 18th 2012

Three Fronts to Mining Battle, Northern Daily Leader, May 18th 2012

Protest Explosion – Activist Warns of Intense Action in North West, Northern Daily Leader, May 17th 2012

Boggabri Questions (Audio), ABC New England North West, 17th May 2012

Boggabri Coal Mine Blockade, ABC New England North West, May 17th 2012

Protest Brings Coal to a Standstill, NBN News, May 17th 2012

Balance Makes Blood Boil, Northern Daily Leader, May 16th 2012

Environmental Groups will Keep up Boggabri Coal Mine Fight, Northern Daily Leader, May 9th 2012

Farmers Fight with Mines for Land, SMH, May 5th 2012

Land Use Protest (Audio), 2GB, May 1st 2012

Greater Good is a Myth, Northern Daily Leader, April 30th 2012

Landuse Policy Nats Acid Test, Northern Daily Leader, April 24th 2012

Mining Merger (Audio), ABC New England North West, April 17th 2012

Protester Chained to Bulldozer in Boggabri Coal Mine, Northern Daily Leader, 11th April 2012

Coal Mine Protester Arrested (Video), Prime 7 News, 11th April 2012

Protester Chains Herself to Bulldozer, Narrabri Courier, 11th April 2012

Coal Mine Protest in Forest near Narrabri, Weekly Times, 11th April 2012

Battle Awakened by Dozer Day, Newcastle Herald, 11th April 2012

(Audio Clip), 2GB, 11th April 2012

Tinklers’ Maules Creek Plan a Step Closer, Newcastle Herald, 24th March 2012

A Picnic Protest in the Leards State Forest, ABC New England North West, 19th March 2012

Picnic Protest (Video), Prime 7 News, 19th March 2012

Maules Creek Community Council Heads to Macquarie Street (Audio), ABC new England North West, 16th March 2012

Tarrawonga Submissions Close (Audio), ABC New England North West, 1st March 2012

The Boggabri Coal Expansion gets a Planning Tick, ABC New England North West, 21st February 2012

Tinkler Donation Questions Loom, Namoi Valley Independent, 19th January 2012

A Review of Political Donations (Audio),ABC New England North West, 18th January 2012

Billonaire Faces Inquiry Over Donations to Nationals, SMH, January 18th 2012