Maules Creek Fire Brigade

Meeting Notes 7.2.2012

The Maules Creek RFS held the Annual General meeting today the 7th August, 2012 in conjunction with grass fire training at the Maules Creek Hall.
The following are the office bearers for the Maules Creek RFS 2012-13.
Captain Andy Laird,
Deputy Captains Michael Nott and Alistair Todd.
Permit Officer Rick Laird.
NOTE: Captain and Deputy Captains are also permit officers.
President, Secretary and Treasurer Steve Bradshaw
There are to be no fees for 20123-13
There will be no fire permits issued during harvest time 2012-13. Harvest time defined as when the first district crop commenced to be stripped until the last district crop stripped.
The Maules Creek Fire appliance will be housed with the Captain Andy Laird at Roslyn, Maules Creek.
The Maules Creek Fire trailer is housed with Marty Brennen at Oakleigh, Maules Creek. 
Upon request and appropriate arrangements both appliances are available with members to assist with any hazard reduction.
New members are welcome, please contact the author.
All existing members are entitled to and should obtain up to date personal protection equipment. Highly recommended.
S. Bradshaw,