Shocking Short Film CSG: Health Impacts, Water Impacts and Climate Impacts


This short 2 to 3 min film featuring Brian Monk from the Tara Estates highlights all that is wrong with CSG, particularly after wells were fracked in the area.

Brian shows gas vapours rising from water drawn from his water bore. The skin rashes on his grand children after bathing in that water and describes how his stock will no longer drink that water.


The video shows gas bubbles emerging from the ground in puddles that had formed after rain. It also shows gas bubbles rising in the Condamine River.


Its all here in this short film; Unaccounted methane emissions, water contamination and health impacts. These impacts are likely to be very expensive in the end.





Investors take note. The science isn’t in on this risky industry and it won’t be long before sweeping class actions take the proponents and the government to task. – 21 MB