Santos / AGL Statement – No help for Farmers Facing Gas Pipelines and Infrastructure


Media Release 28th March 2014

Mullaley Pipeline Accord

The statement today by Santos/AGL that they will not enforce access through the courts to drill for coal seam gas (CSG) does nothing for farmers who are likely to face forced access for pipelines, gas compressor stations and other infrastructure, according to Liverpool Plains farmer David Quince.

“This statement today which has been released by Santos/AGL does nothing to protect farms like mine which are likely to be targeted for gas pipelines” Mr Quince said.

“Large numbers of farmers across north-west NSW are at risk of forced access by gas companies for the substantial infrastructure that accompanies a gasfield, including major pipelines and compressor stations.

“I’m surprised to see the NSW Farmers and other agricultural groups that are supposed to be representing farmers signing off on this agreement.

“As far as I can see, this agreement just hangs farmers like me out to dry and we can be dragged through the courts and our land carved up for CSG infrastructure.

“I take special offence to the last line of the agreement which suggests that farmers shouldn’t have the right to oppose CSG on a neighbours land.

“We have every right to oppose CSG on any land if it threatens to pollute our water, contaminate our produce, devalue our land or divide our community.

“I’m surprised to see an agreement like this being signed ‘in secret’ by the parties.  There should be a transparent process for agreements like this – the agriculture groups involved should have released a draft for comment by farmers who are directly affected before they signed off on it” he said.

Information or comment:  David Quince 0427 442 382