Post Fact – Corporate coverups Exxon, Origin, Maules Creek


When Exxon covered up Climate Change for 4 decades some people thought it was a one off, but new evidence emerging in a  wrongful dismissal case regarding Origin Energy’s gas operations shows that the practice is widespread.

The appointment of the executive who is the subject of the allegations to head up the Business Council of Australia is a worrying development. It is concerning that no action has been taken by the BCA. At the least he should step aside, but for Origin to survive the ensuing brand damage the allegations and the subsequent operations of the company should be subject to a independent forensic audit.

Industries that exist with state sponsorship such as oil and gas have a higher appetite for risk beyond that of normal businesses and in this environment “alternative facts” thrive.

It is a familiar theme for those following the saga of the Maules Creek coal mine. Negative dust readings have been ignored by many as simply another post truth that will survive the shortened media cycle under the cover of the latest political scandals or political messaging.

Mining companies are rolling out autonomous trucks

Yet many close their ears to the broader story and its only when the impacts come crashing home.

When companies like Rio Tinto whose 6 year battle with the residents of the village of Bulga spectacularly exited coal this week, we see the companies for what they are. There is no loyalty to the districts that they’ve profited from, or the jobs that they’ve hidden behind.