Peoples Battle for Nature


An initiative of the Leard Forest Alliance

Photographic exhibition/multi media

Thursday, 10 July 2014 10AM-8PM
Exhibition Room, Crossing Theatre, Tibbereena St, Narrabri


Everyone is welcome to this free entry event with a programme of activities aimed at informing the community about the protests against the Maules Creek coal mine, and the destruction of Leard Forest. Guests will be greeted by the sound of Leard Forest birdsong, and reminded that this sound is doomed to be forever lost to the world if Maules Creek mine proceeds.

Peoples Battle for Nature Pic

1. Photographic exhibition curated by The Wilderness Society

40 prints on exihibition are for sale, raising funds for the campaign to Save Leard Forest. This exhibition is touring Sydney – Melbourne – Armidale – Narrabri.

2. Film launch – “Fight for Leard Forest”

Fight for Leard Forest is a 20 minute documentary by filmmaker Leighton Donnelly, who captured footage over a period of several visits to the Leard Blockade.

This will be shown hourly, starting at 10:30AM until last showing at 5:30PM.

3. Panel discussion – 6-7PM

Why are so many people defying the law to save Leard Forest?

A panel of community members will explain why the Maules Creek coal mine should never have been approved, and the motivations which lead people to commit acts of civil disobedience to demonstrate against the actions of Whitehaven Co

Discussion chair: Mr Rohan Boehm, North West Alliance


Rev John Brentnall, Liverpool Plains Uniting Church Resource Minister, Gunnedah

Mr Raymond McLaren, Andromeda Industries, extractive specialist and engineer, Moonbi

Senior representative of the Gomeroi nation, Red Chief Local Aboriginal Lands Council (Invited)

Mr Murray Dreschler, co-founder Leard Blockade camp

4. Multi media exhibits

Slide shows explaining:

  • The dispute concerning “biodiversity offsets”, undertakings by Whitehaven Coal to provide “like for like” habitat for the endangered species of Leard Forest , and
  • How the protesters’ civil disobedience -non-violent direct action – differs from the alleged criminality of the Whitehaven Coal enterprise

5. Children’s activities “7 endangered birds of Leard Forest”

Unbeknownst to most people, Leard Forest is teeming with wildlife, and represents a unique and valuable ecosystem in which many plants and creatures are already listed by the NSW Scientific Committee as “vulnerable” or even “critically endangered” under NSW law. Koalas, microbats, snakes and birds are among the vanishing species.

Maules Creek coal mine threatens to make many of the bird species extinct. Children’s activities seek to inform children aged K-6 about 7 of the endangered bird species.