Neighbours from Hell – Blasting chaos at Maules Creek


Here is a sequence of 4  photos from the blast at the Maules Creek coal mine on Friday 1st of June 2018 at 1.45 pm. A complaint has been filed with NSW Planning Compliance.

Despite the dust and fumes from the blast leaving the site due to the strong winds, the weather monitoring at the site says – No Action required – monitoring compliant and weather conditions favourable”

Note that the weather conditions were anything but favourable at the time of the blast with winds gusting to 22 km/hr and blowing from the SSE. These “favourable” conditions send the dust over the immediate neighbours and over Maules Creek.

With a maximum risk rating for environmental performance and a negative recent safety record – how many more warnings, fines etc can these serial abusers get. Its pretty clear they couldn’t give a rats about the neighbours and are probably putting pressure on planning compliance right now to sweep this under the carpet.