Maules Creek coal mine CCC May meeting


The attached Final Draft Minutes from the 16th of May 2018 Community Consultative Committee (CCC) meeting are provided below for the information of the community.

The state government have developed CCC guidelines which can be found here. Under Section 6 Communication with the broader community, the guidelines say;

“Committee members are encouraged to discuss concerns and disseminate information about the project to the wider community, including stakeholder groups”.

Attendees were; Darren Swain (DS) – WHC, Peter Wilkinson (PWi) – WHC, Scott Mitchell (SM) – WHC, Cr Robert Kneale (RK) – Narrabri Council, Cath Collyer (CC) – Community, Libby Laird (LL) – Community, Carolyn Nancarrow (CN) – Community, Anna Christie (AC) – Environmental Representative (Alternative)

Apologies were; Steve Eather, Jack Warnock, Simmone Moodie, Kerri Clarke

  1. Maules Creek coal mine Final Draft minutes for May 2018 CCC meeting
  2. Link to meeting notes from Community Rep