Land Use Conflict hits the critical stage


All the work done by the community regarding submissions, lobbying, rallys and in direct negotiations will come to a fore this week. Below is the last minute push from the NW Alliance to resolve this conflict.


This is a crucial time for the future of NSW.  Recent information suggests that a final decision by the NSW Government on future control and regulation of coal and gas mining is imminent.  The community has called for proper protection of productive farmland, bushland and water resources, but there are real fears the final policy will simply allow open slather for destructive coal and gas mining.  Make sure your voice is heard by your politicians on this matter today.

 Please contact NSW National Party Leader Andrew Stoner and other key members of the NSW Cabinet this week to ensure they hear from you in these critical decision making stages.

 Speaking points:

 Any released land use plan must have areas off limits to mining and gas exploration and mining activities. These off limits areas must include our agricultural land, bush land and all ‘Tier 1’ biodiversity areas, our drinking water supplies, floodplains and underground aquifers.

 Offsets and the proposed ‘gateway’ process does not adequately protect our key natural assets. We need clear ‘no-go’ certainty for farmers and threatened species  at risk of mining impacts.

 Any plans for additional mining in NSW must only take place after the NSW Government develops a strong and well-resourced monitoring and compliance regime for mining and gas activities to protect human health, unique flora and fauna, and water and air quality.


The NSW Government must provide landholders and local communities with the right to say ‘no’ to coal and gas developments and ensure that all of the long-term social, financial and environmental costs of mining are quantified.


Proper health impact assessments should be required before any coal or gas mining is approved.


Contact key NSW Cabinet members:


Deputy Premier Stoner, The Nationals, Minister for Trade and Investment; and Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services

Call: (02) 6562 6190

Fax: (02) 6563 1355


Premier Barry O’Farrell, Liberal Party, Minister for Western Sydney

Call: (02) 9487 8588

Fax:  (02) 9487 8550


Katrina Hodgkinson, The Nationals, Minister for Primary Industries (including Water), and Minister for Small Business

Call: (02) 6226 3311

Fax: (02) 6226 3345


Kevin Humphries, The Nationals, Minister for Mental Health, Minister for Healthy Lifestyles,  and Minister for Western New South Wales

Call: (02) 6752 5002

Fax:  (02) 6752 6102