Clearing a forest for a coal mine is completely wrong

Firewood removal prohibited but wholesale destruction is fine

The concept of  State Forest in NSW rival the disgraceful Clean Air and Clean Water Act in the US. The title being a parody of the real intent of the legislation.

Forests NSW are a joke. This former government department turned corporation, failed to properly manage our forests for timber, initially over allocating timber resources and then watching on as mining decimate their assets.

There is a public duty for State Forests and Conservation Areas to be preserved and not destroyed. Yet mining, including open cut mining is permitted. This is not a conservation system but a mineral reserve system that allows wholesale destruction of the environment if this is the most profitable option.

The scene below would be expected in a third world country, with the high prevalence of foreign companies profiting from the host countries environmental degradation.

Coal miner Idemitsu, is 100% Japanese owned, clearing our forests, taking our coal for $8 per tonne royalty and wreaking havoc on our climate. All this while conflicting and corrupting our state governments for a relative pittance while our economy is burdened by abnormally high exchange rates.

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