APPEA’s tacit confirmation that CSG has “No Social License”


This article ran in the Northern Star re the Northern Rivers Poll on CSG.

It was accompanied by the following graphic:

This question “A” by APPEA is tacit confirmation by the industry that they have no social licence.   i.e. “Regardless of your personal feelings ….” Basically APPEA are acknowledging that the community does not accept this industry but would like to bully the community across the line with economic arguments.

Is this how the industry is pitching to Barry O’Farrell and the cabinet right now with the SRLUP?


Perhaps the Northern Rivers and the Lismore Council could use a even more meaningful question:

C. “Regardless of the lack of science around the connectivity of the coal seams and the surface aquifers, the documented well failures, the toxic cancer producing chemicals and weak legislation, do you support CSG as a short term  industry controlled by foreign companies?”