Large Scale Coal Mining Impacts Maules Creek

Leard State Forest and surrounding farmlands, near Narrabri, are threatened by proposals for three new or expanded open-cut coal mines.

Together they will form a mega mine-complex that will clear at least 5,000ha of land and produce 23 million tonnes of coal each year.  It is estimated that the mines will collectively result in 18,000 tonnes of dust landing on adjoining farmland.

The mines represent an enormous threat to the critically endangered forest, the health of the local community, and the future of our climate.

The forest is home to the Koala and the Masked Owl and the farmland of Maules Ck to the north is productive grazing country on the rich, deep soils of the northern Liverpool Plains.

Conservation and farming have reached a kind of equilibrium here that will be totally destroyed by open-cut coal mining.  Our quiet rural community will be transformed into a gigantic industrial zone.

Help us save this unique and beautiful area from destruction.